Winch Accesories
Winch Accesories

Winch Accesories

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Several different parts and accessories compatible with our hoisting winches.  Products offered include threaded drums, cable tensioner with micro switch, electronic load limiting system, omega shackle, hooks, block with nylon pulley, upwards stroke limit microswitch kit, differing lengths of wire rope, overhaul weight, and cable mounting.

The following chart depicts the relationship between winches (WN across the top) and the compatible parts and numbers.

 Product WN 500 WN 1000 WN 2000 WN 2500 WN 4600
Threaded Drum WN-T 500 WN-T 1000 WN-T 2000 WN-T 2500 WN-T 4600
Cable Tensioner with Micro Switch WN-P WN-P WN-P WN-P WN-P
Electronic Load Limiting System WN-L WN-L WN-L WN-L WN-L
Omega Shackle WN-O WN-O WN-O WN-O WN-O
Hook WN-G 500-1000 WN-G 500-1000 WN-G 2000- 2500 WN-G 2000- 2500 WN-G 4600
Block with Nylon Pulley WN-C 500 WN-C 1000 WN-C 2000 WN-C 2500 WN-C 4600
Upwards Stroke Limit Microswitch Kit WN-USL WN-USL WN-USL WN-USL WN-USL
Wire Rope WN-F 500 WN-F 1000 WN-F 2000 WN-F 2500 WN-F 4600
Cable Mounting WN-M WN-M WN-M WN-M WN-M